Meet the women from our latest campaign

Our vision is that every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own skin. That she can start every day knowing that she deserves the world, and carry that energy through her whole day. That she can embrace every dimple, every curve, every little thing that makes her unique and see the beauty in it all.

But in a world that chooses airbrushed perfection over reality, where the mold of what we're told is beautiful is a narrow range of tall, thin, and often blonde - it becomes increasingly hard sometimes to recognise your own beauty.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own skin. They deserve to see women that look like them reflected in the pages of glossy magazines. To have their unique beauty celebrated - un-retouched beauty across ages & ethnicities.

At Gazalli, we want to be part of that change.

We want to inspire you to feel more confident in yourself, and be a reminder that you're gorgeous exactly as you are - with every little dimple or wrinkle, with your naturally gorgeous skin tone & hair.

So we invited ten real women from all different backgrounds, most of whom had never taken any professional photos before, and invited them to a beautiful villa in Bali together. To capture their unfiltered, un-retouched beauty and showcase just a little of the beautiful diversity of women. And invite them to take the confidence they felt on this shoot with them into their day-to-day lives.

Then we asked them to share their thoughts and personal stories about female confidence, empowerment, and representation in fashion and the media. 

We hope that as you celebrate the beauty of the women on this page, you also take a moment to recognize the beauty in your own skin - take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. To play a song that you love and dance, and just be present in this moment.

Image is of a female model wearing a lustrous navy blue silk robe on a plush white bed.
Allison - Wearing the Coco Silk Robe in navy 

"I think it’s important that people see themselves represented, whether it’s their ethnicity, their age, their gender or identity. Women over a certain age or who don’t conform to typical standards of beauty can feel invisible, or imperfect, unworthy and this obviously negatively impacts their confidence and self esteem. We need to go beyond the surface and remember that what makes us beautiful is what is inside us, and how we share that with the world."

- Allison, 51, English Jamaican 

Bruna - Wearing the classic Eva pyjama top, paired with our Rose Silk Pyjama Pants in ivory.

"I feel most empowered when taking care of myself, physically & mentally — & can then show up for others as my fullest self."

-Bruna, Brazil

Image is of South African model Thoko. She is sitting elegantly on a wooden chair with one legged crossed over the other. She is wearing the Coco Silk Robe in Nilofar print, which stands out beautifully against her dark brown skin.
Thoko - Wearing the Coco Silk Robe in Nilofar print

"I grew up the darkest kid among all my friends and family. Growing up darker skinned I already felt the discrimination from my own community before experiencing it in the world. So my confidence was always rocky, but my mom decided to sign me up in pageants, it honestly could have gone either way, but every pageant was empowering because I would focus on having fun, making friends and just improving and that made all the difference."

-Thoko, South Africa


Image is of Afghani model Meena walking towards the camera while smiling off to the side and holding a bouquet of white flowers in one hand. She is wearing the Sophia Silk Slip in Nilofar print.
Meena - Wearing our Sophia Nilofar Silk Slip

"I felt grateful to be part of such a powerful, progressive campaign with other beautiful, diverse women that reflects the future of our society and that is in-line with my values. Growing up as an Afghan woman, lack of media representation and toxic Asian culture favouring lighter skintones made it very hard to love my skincolour and feel beautiful in my own skin. Lack of representation subliminally sends a message to people that lighter skin tones are superior, or more beautiful."

-Meena, London

Image is of Indonesian model Dina laying face up on plush white bedding and laughing. She is wearing the long sleeved Nilofar print Iris silk Pajama set.
Dina - Wearing the Iris Nilofar Silk Pyjama Set

"As I approached my thirties, I finally began to understand what future I wanted to create for myself. Due in part to outdated expectations for women that were ingrained in my family's history, this was the start of a difficult journey that I had to undertake alone. I had to detach myself from my roots in order to break free, but now I’m open to reconnecting with my past and relearning everything: my culture, my history, my relationship with my family, my relationship with men, my mistakes, and my achievements."

- Dina, Indonesia

Image is of blonde model Lauren standing and smiling outside in front of a white wall. She is wearing the Rose Ivory Silk Pyjama Set, which is the classic long sleeve and long pants combination.
Lauren - Wearing the Rose Ivory Silk Pyjama Set

"For me as a new mom, my journey with my body has been tough because I’ve derived a lot of my self confidence from how I look or the attention I get from men. Now the only persons attention I want is my child’s, and I feel so much gratitude to my body everyday for making a freaking human!!

I am older than I’ve ever been but I feel free in a way, freer than I ever have before as now all I want to do is lounge in silk and celebrate with my baby about how beautiful the world  can be."

- Lauren, USA

Image is of Indonesian model Lea lounging on a white sofa. She is gazing off to the left as her chin rests on her wrist. She is wearing the Dee Silk Camisole Pyjama Set in Nilofar Print.
Lea - Wearing the Dee Nilofar Silk Camisole Set

“I think all women are beautiful when they accept their own strengths and weaknesses, and self-confidence doesn’t come from having a ‘perfect’ physique but from having a friendly and social attitude with the people around them.”

-Lea, Indonesia

 Image is of brunette model Tess leaning over the balcony above and gazing down into the lens. She is wearing a silky ivory dress and a Nilofar print silk robe.
Tess - Wearing the Malka Nilofar Ivory Silk Robe

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Gazalli shoot and having the opportunity to meet such a diverse collection of beautiful souls.

Each woman in this eclectic group was so friendly, open, confident, engaging, fun and so interesting. There was lots of laughter and vocal support which made the experience so enjoyable.

My favourite Gazalli piece was the reversible robe, I instantly felt expensive and fabulous in it! I mean the way it slid down my shoulders...I felt like a queen darling!"

Image is of model Zoya sitting on soft white bedding and looking serenely up at the camera. She is wearing the Dee ivory silk camisole top.
Zoya - Wearing the Dee Ivory Silk Camisole Set

"Life is not always that serious and you don't have to worry about every little thing that has or will come into your life. You can handle everything that comes your way like you always do. You'll see that being calm will change your perspective on a lot of things."

 Image is of model Yelena standing by the stairs. She is wearing the Sophia Navy Silk Slip and looking serenely into the camera.
Jelena - Wearing the Sophia Navy Silk Slip

"I was born in Germany, my parents are Serbians. During my studies I started traveling through Asia where I met my fiancé who is from New Zealand - now we live a beautiful life in Bali and I love that we are coming from totally different cultures and backgrounds!

My favorite part of the shoot was being together with all these beautiful women and sharing our life stories."


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