Gazalli Diversity Campaign March 2023 - all shots in one video

Step INTO LUXURY with Gazalli silk loungewear

Every Gazalli creation ebbs and flows through each moment of your life. From self-care mornings to travelling the world, Gazalli nightwear and loungewear for women are waiting to be worn. When you buy a piece of luxury nightwear, you buy a timeless and versatile addition to your wardrobe. With us, your confidence is never held back. 

Take your favourite garments from a great night’s sleep to a delicious working brunch and always look elegant and stylish. Wherever you need to be, our collection invests in the empowered person you are. Produced in the Mecca of silk — also known as the city of Suzhou — comfort, quality and attention to detail are guaranteed in each Gazalli garment and print. Every piece is designed in-house at the brand’s base in Sydney, keeping luxury glamour local, sustainable and truly multi-purpose. When it comes to day-to-night outfits through luxury loungewear, no expense is ever spared. 


Founder Gazal Nissar dreamed up designs for versatile night and loungewear following a career in HR, travelling internationally across Europe and Asia. Rooted in comfort and sophistication, she wanted to find a stylish set of loungewear that could be worn on a flight, seen on a business trip, and put on after a long day’s work. In 2019 the missions and values of Gazalli became a reality. With a strong focus on people and the planet over profit, Gazalli’s vision is committed to offering investable, high-end garments that don’t play by the rules of fashion. 

The portrait of Gazalli's founder - Gazal Nissar sitting on a lounge chair